Global Reforestation

Fighting together for a better world

Who We Are?

An ecological currency that has the function of helping the environment with reforestation in the world, also encouraging people in general to plant and take care of the environment. We want one day to be able to live on the moon or on mars, but the earth is still our home and we have to take care of it. Let's Create a great decentralized community and encourage the world to plant to harvest. so this eco-currency will also help those who invest in it as it will achieve fantastic growth. our goal is to reach 1 dollar.

Foggy Forest

What can we do for our planet?

Reforestation will be essential for the normalization of our planet. We are aware of the importance of other actions but we will be responsible for carrying out a large reforestation around the world, starting not only in large forests but also in small homes and cities.

Environment Pollution
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Trees From Above

More than a token, a purpose!

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